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kabali Movie first Review in india Rajinikanth Never Act Like This

kabali Movie first Review in india Rajinikanth Never Act Like This

Kabali Movies Cast And Crew

Kabali (Streaming) 2016 Indian Telugu coming-of-age Crime, Drama film. Directed Pa. Ranjith and Produced S. Thanu. Story Pa. Ranjith & best Film actors and actresses in Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhansika, Dinesh Ravi, Kalaiyarasan, Kishore, John Vijay, Riythvika. Music by Santhosh Narayanan. Cinematography by G. Murali in Editor Praveen K. L. Film Box of Play date by June 2, 2016. Movie Running time 142 minutes. Country by India in Film Language by Telugu. MorInfo – imdb

Kabali Movie review rating premier show live updates


Kabali movie review/ kabali movie rating/ kabali movie premier show live updates:
Rajinikanth’s 159th movie based on Chennai mafia don Kabaleeshwaran Kabali premier show live updates available here. There is a huge expectations about Kabali live updates and Kabali movie review. This is the first movie which has got peak expectations among audience for Kabali movie rating. Here we have made special arrangements for Kabali US premier show live updates to fulfill the dreams of the fans and film lovers today ie ie 21st July 2016. Please check Kabali movie review now. There are several other Kabaali live updates available from Malaysia, UAE, Canada, Australia. But these Kabali benefit show will be available now. (Kabaali live updates)


Kabali Movie review rating premier show live updates from USA (Tamil, Telugu)

Kabali first premier show will be screening at USA. Later Kabali movie US Premier show will be available at Malaysia. We will provide you Kabali movie review and Kabali movie rating after completing this Kabali tamil live updates. There are several fans for Rajinikanth across the world. Holland, Belgium, Germany, Australia, France (Paris) also planned Kabali Paris Premier show and Kabali movie Australia premier show. Kabli tamil film live premier show updates and Kabali telugu premier show live updates available here. Because Kapaali/ kabaali is releasing in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi simultaneously. Kabali Malay premier show will be available later. Because it is not releasing now. Kabali malay release date is 29th July, 2016. The below we have given Kabali live updates with Kabali premier show live updates minute to minute. Pa.Ranjith directed this movie. He made romantic comedy oriented movie Attakathi in 2012 and became popular in Kollywood.

Kabali premier show live updates

Kabali premier show live updates available now. Watch Kabali movie premier show live updates

Rajinikanth Kabali story is not greatly novel, except for the twist in the climax, which is a sad negative end as Ranjith said. But, don’t worry, Kabali doesn’t die in Kabali climax. But it is a sad ending nonetheless Kabaleeswaran family are laborers. They migrated from India to Malaysia. So, Rajinikanth also belongs to poor family. He also worked as laborer and ordinary man. Don in him wakes up after co-laborers ill treated by their management. Here, there is nothing new and it’s all cliched, as it’s the same “Hero-meets-heroine, falls in love, saves her and they marry”.

Rajini becomes gangster to save his daughter.Malaysians treats Kabali as Nelson Mandela.

However, the scene in which the argumentative situation or meeting between opposing parties with Winston Chao and the young Rajinikanth is sure to get the reaction with whistles. Fight sequences are so well conceived and shot that it shows both the firepower of Rajinikanth and the directorial skill, acumen, finesse and talent of director Pa Ranjith.

Kabali first half rating

Till the interval, though long, it’s very fast paced with not a great story or anything. But after interval, we are in for a serious and emotional drama, where Pa. Ranjith comes to the fore. The drama gets emotionally gripping and, at times, heart-churning.
Heroine Radhika Apte and Riythvika deliver excellent performance. Sai Dhansikaa is seen in a suave and stylish role, which caters to action lovers. Sai Dhansikaa performed action sequences. Women may even begin to style themselves like Dhansikaa. The female roles are hugely powerful like male characters.

Rajinikanth strikes awe in every frame with his majestic screen presence. Santhosh Narayanan’s equally fiery and blazing instrument-wielding prowess gives Neruppuda Rajinikanth the perfect pedestal for us to admire what he is!

The climax is positive, though thankfully not linear, and predictability has been avoided. It feels that the pre-climax scene suffices but Pa Ranjith is a director, who aspires to be a director of class. So, he has that ambiguous climax, which can give rise to a sequel, if Kabali is well-received. Kabali story treatment is extraordinary.
Kabali is sure to be a all time blockbuster but we should wait and see how well it is received, especially to see if the ambiguous climax will be well-received!

Kabali movie rating

Public Rating : 4/5

Kabali benefit show public talk will be given after completing Kabali movie premier show live updates.

Update: Rajnikanth flash back begins
Update: Kabali runs a school which gets destroyed during a gangster’s war
Update: Rajini powerful dialogues with goons


Update: : Kabali is a don with beard. He didn’t have family now… Single.. with followers… Malaysia backdrop….

Update: : Song just ended… #kabali blockbuster for Rajnikanth.. All Time hit… definitely
Update: : Song is with high peak.. Bigger than Basha and Robo
Update: : Kabali intro with Neruppuda song…. Old getup of Rajni Sir.. Thalaiva … Different look and looking brite with blazer dress…

Update: : Movie just began… Vigils… Awesome response

Kabali opening scene:


Kabali Cast and Crew
Cast: Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, Dhanisha, Roshan, Winston Chow, Dinesh Ravi
Writer: Pa.Ranjith
Director: Pa.Ranjith
Producer: Kalaipuli S.Thanu
Production company: V Creations
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Language: Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Malay, Hindi
Budget: 150 Crores

kabali rating

Kabali movie review

He also directed Madras in 2014 and bagged SIIMA award for best director. One side Rajinikanth Mania and second director attachment with Rajini sir is giving good boost. Pa.Ranjith is a big fan of Rajini sir.

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It is a not a director movie. Kabaali is completely Rajinikanth’s movie. Majority of the movie shooting held in Malaysia. It is a Mylapur don Kabaleeshwaran story.

Kabali (2016) Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free Download

Kabali movie story

Kabali film story based with emotions and action sequences. Kabali is a the emotinal journey of a 55 years aged don. He becomes back to get all that he lost in 25 years of imprisonment. He regains everything what he lost from 25 years.

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Rajnikanth’s introduction in this movie is different than all Indian movies. Especially Rajni sir movies. Kabali first fight sequence establishes Kabali character.

Neruppu Da (The fire) song picturised at introduction of the movie. His entry is awesome like Basha movie.
kabali new poster

Rajnikanth has got good response after Kochadiyaan and Linga failures.

Rajinikanth is not a villain in this movie. But after seeing the Kabali teaser we feel he is a villain. V Creations banner made a movie with Rajini in 1978. After long gap V Creations joined with S.Thanu.

rajini kabali usa watching

Kabali crossed the all records of Bahubali. Kabali has became biggest grosser with its premier show worldwide / overseas.

rajinikanth radhika apte kabali hd image

Kabali Intersting Facts

Rajinikanth played again a don character in his 159 film after his don appearance in 1994 in the movie Baasha which was a blockbuster hit.
Kabali story was selected by Rajinikanth’s daughter Soundarya, out of two stories narrated by Pa.Ranjith.
106 days of Rajinikanth’s calendar were given to director Pa.Ranjith as call sheet duration for Kapaali.
This is a confident and angry man with no punch dialogues and only thoughtful words as demanded by the story
Some scenes between Radhika Apte and Rajini narrates the love between wife and husband in the old age.
Kabali runs a school which gets destroyed during a gangster’s war on which he plans further actions on the gangsters with help of Dinesh who joins with Kabali inspired by his values, and Dinesh is a son of ano

Kabali twitter live updates

Here you can see Kabali twitter live updates and Kabali premier show twitter updates minute to minute with public response and audience talk.

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