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Ntr janatha Garage Movie Public Talk Review Rating Video

Ntr janatha Garage Movie Public Talk Review Rating Video

Janatha Garage Movie P Review Story :

The film was launched on 25 October 2015 in Hyderabad and the makers have started the shoot at a brisk pace to complete it in less time. The shoot officially began on 22 February 2016. The Music from the film has been scored by Devi Sri Prasad. Janatha Garage was actually supposed to be released on 12 August 2016 but the film has been scheduled for a worldwide release on 1 September 2016. The film is releasing in many areas in a massive manner. The film is going to impress every one big time.

Devi Sri Prasad will direct the film’s music. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is the film’s editor and Tirru is the film’s cinematographer. A. S. Prakash is the Art Director. Likewise, Janatha Garage has so many talented actors and technicians on board to strive for the better output of the film. Malayalam super star Mohanlal is playing a important role in the film. N. T. Rama Rao Jr. will be seen as Anand. Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Nithya Menen are the heroines. Unni Mukundan, Saikumar, Devayani, Rahman, Sithara, and Ajay were seen in key roles. Kajal Aggarwal will have Special appearance in the song “Pakka Local”


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Janatha Garage last 20-25 minutes is not upto the mark compared to the rest of the movie, more mass oriented climax.
Plus Points :
Intense Characterization of NTR and Mohanlal, Outstanding background score, Cool songs , Complete new story which stands out from regular commercial ones, superb meaningful dialogues by Koratala, Good screenplay.

janatha garage review

1) As mentioned above , last 20 minutes could have been better , abrupt ending
2) less comedy .
Overall , nice outcome from Koratala NTR combination . Had the climax portion taken care, it would be another Simhadri.
06:22AM: With short climax Janatha Garage comes to an end.

06:12AM: Pre-climax episodes are bit drag and mass targeted action block.
05:49AM: Tarak’s dance prowess in ‘pakka local’. Kajal adds necessary glamour. Song is ultimate feast for Fans and Masses. Choreographed superbly , this song gonna stand as the best
05:31AM: NTR excels in scenes where he discovers his past. Emotional scenes involving Mohanlal, Samantha and Tarak. Standout performance from Tarak
05:19AM: Followed by …Jayaho Janathaa Song. Placed at perfect timing, this song is elevating heroism to next level
05:17AM: Confrontation scene in Kanakala (Vikas) office is the highlight of the movie so far.
05:12AM: NTR and Rajiv kanakala at it again. Emotional scenes involving Kanakalas (Vikas) family. Koratala mark dialogues at play.
05:10AM: Second Half starts. First episode after NTR takes over Janatha Garage came out well !
05:00AM: Interval Report: First half belongs to Koratala Siva entirely. The director has stuck to the core point throughout , delivered a solid intense drama. Mohanlal’s charater amd Characterization is outstanding. Dialogues are fine, NTR did equally brilliant to Mohanlal in Interval scene. All 3 songs are good. Downside is medium paced narration.And for few , movie may appear bit preachy
04:55AM: NTR enters Janatha Garage and meets ‘Satyam gaaru ‘. Excellent follow up scene between two fine actors

04:48AM: ‘Manam ee bhoomi meeda tenants maatrame. Tarvatha taralaki tirigi iccheyali ‘ timely dialogue by NTR, sums up the theme of the movie.
04:37AM: “Apple Beauty..” Song has been shot super stylishly and some cool dance moves by NTR.
04:24AM: Janatha Garage Star casting is solid. Noted artists been hired even for small characters
04:20AM:” Rock on Bro …” Song Locations and photography are outstanding. Classy one
04:16AM: Comedy scenes with Nithya Menen and Tarak worked out well. Time for Rock on bro song
04:07AM: Scenes involving Satyam ( Mohanlal) are intense, heroism is subtly elevated. Movie is progressing totally story based.
03:54AM: ‘Pranaamam.. Pranaamam ‘ song is Cool. slick visuals of nature and decent dance moves !
03:49AM: After flashback ends, Titles and NTR Introduction scene. Intro is simple !
03:39AM: #Showtime Janatha Garage ; Movie opens with Jagapatibabu voice over , scenes depicting Mohanlal’s gang help needy people
Young Tiger NTR’s Janatha Garage is all set for a roaring release worldwide today. The film has been doing a lot of noise since its launch among the audience and the trade circles for not one, but for many reasons. Filmmaker Koratala Siva, who delivered back to back blockbusters with Mirchi and Srimanthudu, has written this story exclusively for NTR and then pulled a casting coup of sorts when he roped in Mohan Lal, Devayani, Sai Kumar, Sachin Khedekar and Unni Mukunda for important roles.

Janatha Garage Full Movie Watch Online 

Also, the backing of Mythri Movie Makers and the presence of Samantha and Nitya Menon further raised the expectations on the film. With the big names like Devi Sri Prasad and Thirru leading the technical department, Janatha Garage has all reasons to create a never before hype in the industry circles. The electrifying trailers and stylish posters have caught the attention of everyone and increase the expectations on the film. NTR plays a student who loves nature and strives to protect the environment and people around him. Mohan Lal is the owner of a Garage. The story is about why NTR and Mohan Lal come together for a social cause at a crucial juncture.
After a huge round of promotional campaign, Janatha Garage is hitting the screens today. Let’s see if the film can reach the high expectations and deliver a blockbuster for NTR.

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Janatha Garage Public Response

Ramana Kovelamudi ‏@RPK9999

1st half done.Neat&clean. Prnm,RCB &AB,all 3 class songs Set for a massy 2nd half, looks like we got it right this time #JanathaGarage

Anil ‏@RaghavChowdary1

1st half is decent though..all depends on second half #JanathaGarage Movie done,super 2nd half,hit movie #JanathaGarage

దేవ గణేష్ ‏@Gani2121

Some dialogues about nature were tremendous from @tarak9999 the message for environment a movie with an excellent message! our need to watch #JanathaGarage and know about environment what an intense flow of the film seriously interval was perfectly dealt super hit second half completely into @tarak9999 lead awesome intense levels what a movie this is tremendous second half with action packed rocking @tarak9999 lead of #JanathaGarage powerful screenplay

Divya Teja ‏@divyateja_k

#JanathaGarage #JanathaGarageEuphoria done with first half. Cool going movie. Different Tarak in the movie.

Adi ‏@Tweet2Adi

#JanathaGarage @sivakoratala @ssrajamouli First half OK2Good but not exciting like Mirchi and Srimanthudu, towards interval it took momentum

Srinivas #mahesh23 ✊ ‏@SrinivasSSMB

Below average fst half .. interval scene btw ntr & mohanlal .. Rest of all . #JanathaGarage Ntr looks gud . direction . Nature bokka ani #JanathaGarage 2nd half start’s with bang #JanathaGarage high voltage scene Koratala ✊✊

Prabhu ‏@PowerStarrFan

Done with first half.. Quarry fight, Scene between Mohan Lal & NTR are good.. #JanathaGarage Takeoff slow ga undi, 1st one hour lo NTR screen time takkuva.. #JanathaGarage Rajeev Kanakala office lo scene and fight keka Best scene so far.. #JanathaGarage 1st half ni inka baaga teesunte Pedda hit aipoyundedi.. Strictly average 1st half.. Very Good second half #JanathaGarage

Professor Bora ‏@chichupedathaa

Looks like tempers hard work has finally paid off for Tarak..way to go.. #JanathaGarage Genuine review First half mostly occupied by Mohanlal.. NTR did his job but bad direction.. #JanathaGarage

Prepaid Bullshit ‏@Direct_Shooter

Aa warning scene followed by beach fight..fight lo dialogues..dsp bgm..flat ga velthunna movie okka sariga peaks ki vellindi #JanathaGarage

Karthik ‏@KarthiTweetzz

2nd half is going on a high note @tarak9999 rocking dialogues,BGM,fights #JanathaGarage


#JanathaGarage … NTR and Mohan lal meeting scene Government ofc scene and Jayaho Janatha song

Mahesh S Koneru ‏@smkoneru

Beautiful visuals .. Rock on bro song is terrific..Characters are being established .. Refreshingly new Tarak Superb dance in #AppleBeauty Superb pre interval fight sets up a meeting between Mohan Lal (Satyam) and Tarak (Anand) .. Sheer intensity of the two actors is amazing #JanathaGarage is in a highly charged mode now .. Heavy emotions and excellent performances Tarak is awesome in this story driven emotionally charged 2nd half..When the actor in Tarak comes out,it’s a treat to watch #JanathaGarage Koratala sir @sivakoratala on duty in the second half … DSP @ThisIsDSP background music peaks #JanathaGarage ..

summer ‏@superrbowl

@superrbowl #JanathaGarage 1st half is decent. Proper action drama..songs, length and kind of flat narration minus so far..

MegaStar ‏@annayyaabhimani

#JanathaGarage avg first half BB second half .. Overall BB congrats N fans

Sai Krishna ‏@uniquekrishna

Strictly avg 1st half…tarak 2 fights and garage meeting b/w tweak and Mohan lal are highlights #JanathaGarage

FirstDay FirstShow ‏@Showtime_FDFS

Interval was the highlight.. Overall a classy 1st half with lots of drags.. Expected more from Koratala but disappointed #JanathaGarage. 2nd half started with good intensity, GHMC scene followed by Jai Ho Janatha song.. Koratala is showing his power #JanathaGarage

TAGORE ☆☆☆™ ‏@ImMegafan

#JanathaGarage Done with first half.so far okay predictable line not up to d expectations..will see another half before coming to conclusion. #JanathaGarage Post interval Rajiv Kanakala scene followed by JayahoJanatha song superb ga tesaru Tarak performance n dialogues bagunnai

FOR A ‘CHANGE’ ‏@risk_ajay

Tarak sceens with Suresh and family are just wordless… worth watch #JanathaGarage 2nd half

Prudhvi ‏@prudhvi_93

#JanathaGarage first half: flat nd clean, Few boring scenes but pre interval ntr-mohanlal meeting point elevation ..Waiting for 2nd half

Movie Buff ‏@BeingMovieBuff

#JanathaGarage Good 1st half Mohanlal steals the show Very good 2nd half NTR fight and action are outstanding 4/5 Blockbuster

Sushanth Reddy ‏@sushanthreddy

Excellent interval block. Loved the #JanathaGarage part. Nature part not so convincing. Decent first half. Mohan Lal

venkyreviews ‏@venkyreviews

1st half- Abv avg Interval- Goosebumps 2nd half- Blockbuster Climax- Good but a little hurried. #JanathaGarage Positives: Ntr-Mohan Lal Combo Majority of Screenplay Cinematography BGM Negatives: Little slow 1st half Climax hurried

Nagaraju GANI ‏@gani1781

#JanathaGarage an Highly emotional charged performances from both NTR and Mohanlal.H heavy emotions and excellent performances#JanathaGarage

Prateek Jampani ‏@JampaniP

#JanathaGarage #Melbourne #Premier Mohanlal amazing screen presence and NTR simple acting Made 1st half calm and good … Nice so far .. both NTR & MohanLal ‘s characterization is what Koratla’s win Rajiv Kanakala govt office scene is one of best … A perfect script with right emotions. Handled amazingly… @sivakoratala you are bright sir !! #JanathaGarage #JanathaGarage what’s spl with @tarak9999 .. he can do any emotion..so directors pumps all emotions to his characterization .

Poorna Pradeep ‏@PoornaPradeep1

#JanathaGarage powerful dialgs n direction by @sivakoratala High voltage action episodes #NTR as usual rockz

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#JanathaGarage Pre Interval & Post Interval 15 mins episode, #Kajal song is the best part of the film. Koratala disappoints #MohanLal


A Perfect Family Drama mixed with Action and Emotional elements. NTR excelled once again with his Power-packed Performance #JanathaGarage

Raja kamineni ‏@Rajakamineni

Average 1st half, very good second half. So, totally superhit content #JanathaGarage

Sushanth Reddy ‏@sushanthreddy

Excellent interval block. Loved the #JanathaGarage part. Nature part not so convincing. Decent first half. Mohan Lal

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