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Srimanthudu USA Records Breaked By Sardaar Gabbarsingh Total Box Office Collections

Srimanthudu USA Records Breaked By Sardaar Gabbarsingh Total Box Office Collections

“Sardar Gabbar Singh” (Sardaar/ SGS) has made superb collection at the worldwide box office on the first day and become the biggest opener for Pawan Kalyan. It has also become the second biggest opener Telugu film of all time.

Here is the area-wise collection of “Attarintiki Daredi,” “Srimanthudu,” “Baahubali” and “Sardar Gabbar Singh.” These numbers are collected through various sources and they may vary from the actual stats released by the makers.

Area AD Srimanthudu SGS Bahubali
Nizam Rs 3.28 crore Rs 5.09 crore  NA Rs 6.3 crore
Ceeded Rs 2.10 crore Rs 2.11 crore Rs 4.15 crore Rs 5.08 crore
Vizag Rs 0.87 crore Rs 1.05 crore Rs 2.01crore Rs 1.75 crore
G East  Rs 1.05 crore Rs 1.51 crore  Rs 2.14 crore Rs 1.98 crore
G West Rs 0.76 crore Rs 1.70 crore  Rs 2.70 crore Rs 2.57 crore
 Krishna Rs 0.71 crore Rs 1.07 crore  Rs 1.51 crore Rs 1.25 crore
 Guntur Rs 1.40 crore Rs 1.68 crore Rs 2.46 crore Rs 2.54 crore
 Nellore  Rs 0.58 crore Rs 0.51 crore  Rs 0.85 crore Rs 0.93 crore
 APT Total  Rs 10.75 crore  Rs 14.72 crore  Rs 21+ crore  Rs 22.40 crore

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